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About Us

The “Why”

Our hearts burn with passion to see the greatest awakening in history sweep over the globe, and we believe the time is upon us. However, for this to happen, disciples who create disciples must be made. This was Jesus’ model, and we’re choosing to simply mimic Him. 

We started with a few groups where people could engage in meaningful conversation, not get preached at, and find God for themselves in the Bible. We noticed these groups were having a great impact on people’s lives. Those who believed in Jesus and those who did not both started to obey Him and see their lives transform as intentional goals were set each week to accomplish. We began to see unbelievers making decisions to pray each day, repent of their sins, and grow a passion to live for others. So, was created as a platform of connection for the groups, a place to get plugged in, and as a rallying cry for a people hungry for the bread of life, Jesus. 

What are we? is a network of passionate individuals that are hungry to help others encounter God through His words and through obedience to those words. Our organization is led by current evangelists, teachers, pastors, and preachers from all backgrounds and denominations. We focus on the One who unites us and not the things that divide us. 

What is our goal?

We’ll say it again- obedience to Jesus. In the Gospels, Jesus says to go into all creation and preach the Gospel, but He also says to make disciples. We believe a disciple not only knows what God has said but obeys what God has said. People usually don’t blindly put their faith in anything. So, as Jesus said, the invitation is to come and see. Come and seek after God, and you will find Him. The beauty of these groups is seeing skeptics, atheists, agnostics, and believers working together to discover God for themselves as they engage in meaningful conversation, obey what God is speaking to them through the passage, and seek out Jesus’ purpose for their life.